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About Benchmark Research

Benchmark Research, founded in 1997 by Mr. Mark Lacy and Mr. Scott Barrett, began with the simple yet fundamental goal of providing exceptional service in clinical research. Benchmark's basic philosophy is that quality is paramount, and integrity, professionalism, dedication, and old-fashioned hard work should be applied to the burgeoning clinical trial industry. Starting in the Fort Worth, Texas metro area with just one doctor, the firm began providing services in a variety of therapeutic areas.

As Benchmark rapidly grew, in 1998 the firm opened a second facility in Austin, Texas. The Austin operations were similar to Fort Worth in that the site was an internal medicine group. However, the Austin location - adjacent to the University of Texas, one of the country's largest university populations - led quickly to tremendous growth. The Austin office's proximity to the University benefited the site by providing Benchmark with a vast pool of potential patients for acute condition studies.

Also in 1998, Benchmark recognized and capitalized upon emerging industry opportunities by creating a centralized recruiting department to facilitate aggressive, seamless, and appropriate advertising, as well as for pre-qualification of prospective patients. Thus, the Benchmark Research Support Center was opened in Miles, Texas to handle toll-free patient recruiting calls, print advertising/marketing, general administrative, and financial aspects of the young firm.

The following year (1999), Benchmark began operations in San Angelo, Texas. San Angelo was an ideal site to serve an extensive region and population ignored by our competitors, and to utilize the large and prestigious West Texas Medical Associates (WTMA) facility. Association with the WTMA encourages doctor referrals and broadens Benchmark's scope of therapeutic capability.

The company's controlled growth in Texas led to expansion to the west coast in 2003, with the opening of Benchmark's site in the San Francisco Bay Area. After exhaustive research on area demographics, the city's public transportation network, and local advertising market, the firm chose to locate in the very convenient, central, famous, and lively Union Square. Benchmark is extremely pleased to be continuing its tradition of excellent quality research that was first established in Texas years ago.

In January 2005, Benchmark expanded into Metairie, the densely populated NW region of New Orleans, and the site was successfully enrolling patients from its inception. Although the site took a minor hit from Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, operations resumed in November 2005 with the support of our doctors and amazing coordinator team.

With the growing success of the San Francisco site, Benchmark recognized that an additional California site would offer tremendous value to our industry customers while serving additional patient needs. Within driving distance of San Francisco, but drawing from a completely different and diverse patient population, Benchmark expanded its professional services to Sacramento in 2006.

The Benchmark organization continues to expand with additional clinical investigators, multi-site studies with pharmaceutical and vaccine sponsors, and an ever-growing patient database. Benchmark maintains a top quality in-house advertising department. This commitment to a custom-tailored, highly targeted, and effective marketing campaign for every study, to obtain robust enrollment, provides a distinct advantage in determining precisely what forms of advertising will work best for each individual trial and market.

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The Benchmark Research Story

The Benchmark Research Leadership Team

  • Mark Lacy, Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott Barrett, President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Ben Lacy, Chief Financial Officer
  • Melissa Reynolds, Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • Jennifer Bacchi, Executive Director, HR & Staff Development
  • Kim Brittain, Executive Director, Communications & Strategic Development
  • Kathy Stoddard, Vice President
  • Deborah Copeland, Vice President

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