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What Sets Us Apart?

What sets Benchmark Research sites apart from other sites in the industry? How does our organization operate such outstanding sites?

Focus on Quality

Quality is paramount at Benchmark Research. Safety and subject protection always come first, and our procedures reflect that commitment. Our quality organization is led by a former FDA investigator with extensive training experience and more than 20 years in the research industry at both site and industry levels.

Benchmark maintains an active Clinical Trial Quality Plan that defines proactive procedures to ensure that all trials are compliant with ICH and GCP guidelines, FDA regulations, sponsor requirements, protocol requirements and Benchmark policies. The plan includes real-time, day to day observation and documentation of site work processes to ensure procedures are followed.

From our experienced team to our focus on continual learning and improvement, you'll find quality built into everything we do.

Experienced Call Center Support

Benchmark's centralized Call Center coordinates and implements targeted study recruitment and retention campaigns. The Call Center directs qualified patients to the appropriate research location, places reminder calls for all appointments, and reschedules visits for patient's convenience and according to protocol specified windows.

Consequently, Benchmark sites have extraordinarily low early termination / lost-to-follow-up numbers. We use state-of-the-art study management programs that link and monitor activity and progress at all sites. Surpassing expectations to satisfy our client is our chief priority.

Dedicated, Skilled Coordinators

Experienced and driven Clinical Research Coordinators are integral to the success of any trial. Benchmark offers talented specialists to consistently exceed your expectations. Our CRCs are highly trained on Benchmark SOPs as well as GCP and FDA guidelines. Benchmark's internal, comprehensive CRC training program is designed to guide new coordinators to certification-level quality and provide experienced coordinators with on-going and advanced state of the industry training. The majority of Benchmark coordinators are CCRC certified.

Our research coordinators are experienced in managing all aspects of a particular trial. Best of all, they are creative problem solvers in their continuing efforts to improve local recruiting strategies and are rewarded for innovation.

Experienced, Focused Investigators

Benchmark's superior team of motivated and focused investigators offers clinical trials experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our knowledgeable investigators enthusiastically embrace clinical research and the opportunities that new therapies bring to the marketplace and patients. Dedication and experience aside, our investigators are also highly trained in GCP and FDA regulations.

Each Investigator participates in Benchmark's ongoing internal investigator training program. Our investigators go the extra mile to ensure smooth conduct of your clinical trial. In addition to protocol-specific responsibilities and GCP/FDA requirements, you can count on our doctors to attend investigator meetings, actively recruit patients from their private practice, meet with CRAs during monitoring visits and offer qualitative feedback regarding your clinical trial. All of our investigators share the goal of providing you with accurate, high-quality data.

Innovative Advertising Team

Our advertising staff has spent years placing study advertisements with pinpoint accuracy for recruiting patients based on demographics outlined in the study protocols. Depending on the advertising budget, we can place targeted news releases, high-impact newspaper or periodical advertising, custom-designed study-specific direct mail postcards, and radio, television, and internet advertising.

We pride ourselves on getting exceptional results while always working within the budget. We excel with a keen understanding of our individual site markets. We continually hone individual site patients databases to guarantee appropriate and robust recruitment. More than 100,000 active patients are categorized by age, gender, condition, and location.

Knowledgeable Supervisory Team

Our teams of supervisors start work on any trial by promptly reviewing each protocol to ensure Benchmark will maximize recruitment during the proposed study timeline. We identify potential roadblocks, create various innovative recruitment strategies, and accurately assess our study progress -- while keeping our focus on flexibility for outstanding results.

Our supervisors meet weekly with site managers to discuss and evaluate enrollment, and share information. Changes in enrollment activity are continually reviewed and analyzed, and if warranted, new or improved recruitment plans are formulated and rapidly implemented.

Site managers hold weekly meetings with investigator staff to discuss new studies, and to constantly refresh and reinvigorate Benchmark personnel regarding on-going protocols. Additionally, up-to-date pocket sized reminders of inclusion / exclusion criteria are provided to physicians and nursing staff for each individual study.

In sum, Benchmark Research is nimble, dedicated, proactive, and highly professional. Your Benchmark team gladly welcomes today's exciting challenges and opportunities in pharmaceutical research. Please join us as we embrace the future.

One Voice

When you work with Benchmark, you always know who to contact because your contact is always dedicated to you. No matter what your question - whether financial, contract-related, operational, or otherwise - you'll get all the answers you need from just One Voice.


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