M.A.C.R.O. –
Our commitment to inclusion and diversity

Minorities Advancing Clinical Research Operation or M.A.C.R.O. serves to increase awareness on racial disparities in clinical research and advance the goals of diverse representation of participants in clinical trials. These trials bring people the lifesaving treatments and everyday medicine that is essential to us, it is important that they accurately reflect the entire population. Underrepresented minority groups have historically been denied or given less healthcare, this has led to mistrust and underrepresentation, lack of education in some areas and more. We work to acknowledge this history and understand the concerns of minority populations, educate communities about the important of participation and the safety measures in clinical research, and partner with other organizations to make a greater difference for our participants alongside Doctors and others medical professional, educators, and more. We are hopeful that through our efforts with M.A.C.R.O., we can drive change to provide a safe space for all and ensure there is equal representation in clinical research.

To support these efforts, Benchmark Research, an Avacare business, is a proud partner of the Healthcare Diversity Council with two members of our leadership team serving as Board of Directors including Benchmark CEO Mark Lacy and CBO Cynthia Dukes, as well as two serving on the local advisory boards in Texas and California. Through this partnership, we work to bring awareness to our cause to other healthcare sectors, patients that would not normally be exposed to this education and connect with fellow advocates. We are continuously working with other organizations to voice our mission.

In addition to our pursuit to increase diversity in clinical trials, we at Benchmark truly reflect our values and efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion through our employees. We believe our participants should be represented in the team that cares for them.

Contact info: If your organization would like to learn more, please contact VanJohnson@BenchmarkResearch.net.